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the change. >> stephen: i'll tell you why the change-- death panels got her. (laughter) prove me wrong, obama! folks, this affects me very deeply. over the past month, obamacare lady and i grew very close. (laughter) i mean, we had an instant connection until it disconnected me. (laughter) still, we spent a lot of time together loading and buffering and refreshing. i shared more with her than i ever have with a picture of a woman. (laughter) my full name, my yearly income, apartment and/or suite number, i even told her that i'm not pregnant. (laughter) that i know of. (laughter) i've searched everywhere on the internet for her, all across the health care sites, over at the white house site. i even did a stock photo search for "vaguely ethnic smiling woman." (laughter) nothing. maybe those laughing salad ladies know something. (laughter) why are you laughing? (laughter) how can you eat at a time like this? (laughter) we have to find her, nation. and i have made a composite sketch, okay? if anyone see this is woman -- (laughter). please, please contact me immediately. nation, i don't know about
tell me that it's not the only change that they're making to the site. >> the obama administration's promising it will be largely problem-free by the end of november. >> we've got people working overtime 24/7. to boost capacity and address these problems every single day. and let me be perfectly clear. these people will not be given breaks. [laughter] many of these people are children. >> jon: you know, i do think -- i do think -- like that? i do think i may have spotted one of the problems affecting why the site is so slow. apparently the servers are being overloaded by news casters from every single network trying to log on. no network has been loggier than our pals at cnn that want you to know they have a clock. >> we're almost 13 minutes in and she's been locked out time and time again. >> one making progress. the others going slow and now slower. one person is reaching out to get help online. we'll find out halfway into the live obama care signup effort. so far we're seeing progress, serious set backs. >> you may like the options. you don't know if you're in yet
down of jp morgan. >> the justice department feels like it needs scalps. the obama administration is at war. >> is it a witch hunt. >> it's a jihad against jp morgan. >> jon: it's a shake down, witchhunt scalping jihad. so wait, what i saw is a mutually negotiated compensatory agreement related of shaky business dealings you see it as a shakedown which you compared to jihad. it's like if the holocaust had sex with slavery while the last ten seconds of human centipeed watched. i'll bite. what is the great injustice done to jp morgan chase here? >> 80% of the mortgage backed securities they are punished for were acquired when they got bear sterns -- >> so someee degree it seems wrg that jp morgan has to pay for what happened. >> what jury is going to hold jp morgan chase libel for the documents that bern sterns -- bear sterns. >> jon: you are saying why are they responsible for the lants of company that they bought? but i guess because they bought the company. physical this is new way you want to run it now. i owe jp morgan chase $500,000 on my mortgage and i decided (bleep) this pl
solo cup! we will be right ba ba >> stewart: we are back. so as we have been hearing, president obama's healthcare plan rollout is called the worst rollout since crystal meth pepsi and made the president some fierce adversaries. >> if you watch jon stewart you are in deep trouble. >> if you lost jon stewart you are in trouble. >> even jon stewart taking shots at obamacare, what impact does that have on the whole public dialogue? >> stewart: what impact does me have on the public dialogue? well, it introduces to the healthcare debate the term (bleep) punt. i don't think it has been used prior. and it is now, according to the affordable care act covered. but i guess it is very significant that even jon stewart, even jon stewart has turned against it. i can't recall even i don't know stewart ever doing that before. >> "the daily show" host jon stewart joabl joked that the white house stayers have been reading their e-mails. if he lost jon stewart, i am just saying -- >> even jon stewart has been hammering at this. >> even i don't know stewart was turk on, turning on the president saying
to financial ruin by, well, who can remember all right. let's just say it was obama. pull up the president smiling in front of a poor family. yes. that feels right. the point is, it wasn't the banks. now, a lot of people lost their savings and have had to pay for their retirement with things like reverse mortgages where in exchange for cash now, fred thompson gets your home when you die. and as far as i am aware, he is not legally allowed to kill you to get it sooner. thank you, elizabeth warren. so times are tough, it is true but now we have bounced back, if by "we" i don't mean you, and generally i don't, because since 2009, 95 percent of income gains have gone to the top one percent. so that is just wrong. the one percent should get 99 percent. that adds up to 100. where is the missing four percent? i bet the poor took it, you know they steal. you know, folks, we know there are more takers every day. matchers, who are making off of us makers. >> 60 millions are dependent on social security. >> one out of every seven americans receive food stamps. >> it has gone up 11,000 percent. >> i
) the obamacare web site is a disaster and i am loving it! (laughter) more techno-turd taco will be barack obama's true legacy. it's his gettysburg address-- if lincoln had said "fourscore and error 404 emancipation not found." (cheers and applause) well, i guess it's not his entire legacy. he'll industrial the beer summit and his all you can kill robot buffet. (laughter) folks, i'm not surprised it ain't working. this web site relies on separately designed say databases and software from 55 different contractors. getting that many people to work together is like herding cats. (laughter) also, some of the contractors were cats. (laughter) and brace yourselves, folks, the lead contractor is from america's ancient nemesis canada. (audience reacts) now, by canadian law we must also they in french. can-da! (laughter) now, the company behind web site gate is montreal-based conseillers en gestion et anformastic. (laughter) excuse me, i believe i just ordered an $80 cheese. and i'm not the only one who diagnosed obamacare with a terminal case of blow chunkage. (laughter) so did president obama care. >>
to be the lasting legacy of wilson? is there anything in obama that we see from wilson? >> well i think there are a lot of things we see in obama, although i think he could take a few pages out of of the wilson playbook, and that is have more of a conversation with the congress and with the country for that matter. >> stephen: i understand that wilson actually put the idea of nationalized health care on the table 100 years ago. >> this was something that first came up. >> stephen: so, really, obamacare is a discussion that started 100 years ago. >> almost every progressive idea came up with woodrow wilson. >> stephen: what was wilson's balmcare web site like? was it any better back in 1913? i think at this point, steam power might be better than what we have. >> i think it worked better, but you know, we're going to get this fixed. i think. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well, we shall see. thank you so much. a. scott berg. ( cheers and applause ). the book is "wilson." we'll be right back. ( cheers and a a a a ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: that's if for the report, everybody. goo
michele. good or bad! this is no anchor verbal tick. it extents across the network. >> president obama's request for a green light to strike syria adds a whole new dimension to the strained relationship with congress. let me start with you, david, good thing, bad thing? >> jon: should we attack syria good or bad, go! it's like the word went out from cnn hq. look nobody watches this network unless they are in the airport or going somewhere so 86 the professor talk and let the people know ask this story go in the happy bag or sad bag. emoticon me, chop chop! these people have planes to catch. everybody play as long, every except carol cos tello , the rebel. watch as she lets us know that the rabbit hole ooze an exit. >> obamacare the final showdown. the is u.s. supreme court could strike it down today or rule it uns constitutional. -- unconstitutional s. that good or bad? it all depends. the nfl strikes a deal with thousands of players. good thing? bad thing? some in the mid snl. >> jon: what is this middle you speak of and where be it? be the middle beyond the realm of the craiken ring
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)